Who do you think you are I AM

Remember when I wrote my senior thesis paper in a day

Goosepimples by RL Stine

Only wear blue/green/red/yellow to your next halloween party and when someone asks you what you’re supposed to be, say “Do I look like Google to you?”

I am in New York and I want so badly to hang out with New York people but I just got a job and lost a butt because I’m working it off. If you’re in New York I want to hang out with you. Remember.

I just watched a grown man pick his fork up off of the subway floor and use it to stab one of his french fries. FRENCH FRIES

Buy us six months of minecraft server please

Sugar Ray - Someday
21,305 plays

Sugar Ray - Someday


make one of those things for me. of me. tjhanks

me, standing next to michelangelo looking at the ceiling of the sistine chapel

Going to go see the directors cut of Boyhood tonight. I wonder what tumblr will be like when I’m 35


We Put A GoPro On Grandpa To See What Heaven Looked Like


hey adam what do you do wanna work at patch?