Who do you think you are I AM

We Put A GoPro On Grandpa To See What Heaven Looked Like


hey adam what do you do wanna work at patch?


I'm working on my New York humor
*911 what is your emergency*
New Yorker: Somebody just broke into my apartment they are in here right now.
911 Operator: Would you like me to send the police?
New Yorker: Hey if you could just get the guy to pay rent that would be even better!

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the buff nerd or if I am the jock who listens to jazz

I made some BOMB ass lemon chicken tonight.

Thanks Ina Garten

I live with Caitlin now and tonight’s joke was just whispering “Git er done” to each other and also pronouncing French words like a guy from Alabama

I’m gonna make an app for you to look at while you’re switching apps and people will love it

Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You)
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Future Islands — Seasons (Waiting On You)

Noodles vs rice who wins?

new icon. you understand.

feel free to nominate me for cutest kid

me + nono

me + nono

So happy to have a new little brother

So happy to have a new little brother